・Auto auctions 2010.12.20.
    ・Auto auctions 2010.9.9.
    ・Real estate auction 2010.8.16.
    ・Supplies、Advertising garage sale 2010.7.21.
    ・Supplies、Advertising garage sale 2010.6.18.
    ・The real estate、Supplies sales 2010.5.16.
    ・Waste materials、Advertising garage sale 2010.4.16.
    ・Real estate auction 2009.12.24.
    ・Waste materials sales 2009.11.26.
    ・Equipment、Auto auctions 2009.5.20.
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◇Auction legal relationship of production and the termination
◇Auction constitute the three elements of legal relation
◇Auction law relations
◇Legal relationship in the auction
◇The auctioneer in legal status in auction relations
◇Network auction related legal issues discussed in this paper
◇Auction actual operation and matters needing attention
◇To determine the reserve price when the assets valuation auction auction
◇The network auction legal issues and regulatory measures
Congratulations to taizhou kam tai auction house
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The auction time:
Address:Jiangsu taizhou store opened the way9Number3Floor
The phone:0523-86999933
A mobile phone:15161015666
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